"Some People"


A few months ago during the final season of Game of Thrones, I’ve read many article claiming how it would be “the last show we watch en masse together”, given how it is more common nowadays for people to being able to watch whatever they whenever they want. A kind of bitter-sweet sadness of no longer having these cultural high-points of “all of us are in this together”.

Turns out, there is something in which we are all together: Coronavirus. Ironically, it also has more people watching streaming TV than ever and, in defiance to “social distancing”, services like Netflix Party pop up that allow and encourage watching together.

Jason Kottke has written the most apt poem about what the current situations means for many people. Or for some. It’s funny, heartbreaking, thoughtful, worrying, and so very truthful.

Mind also his final remarks:

“Take heart: you are not the only person experiencing what you are going through. But be mindful: not everyone is having the same experience you are. Ultimately though, we are all in this together.”

Go read the full poem now.

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