Let's get started!

I've been meaning to blog for a while. At the same time, I did not want to go back to Wordpress & Co and the whole set up and headache it involves with databases, overkill amount of plugins etc… I wanted something simple.

It quickly was clear that, for my needs, a static website generator would be best. And there are literally hundreds of projects out there.

Rule #1: When in doubt, start with the biggest (as in: most popular/used) tool.

So, naturally, I tried to set up Jekyll. Two steps into the “Quick Start” process, something failed. Something related to gems / Ruby setup and permissions. This brought familiar memories of such pains I had with Ruby years ago when playing with Redmine. I am sure this is nothing big and easy to fix if you know how, but…

Rule #2: If you have a gazillion alternatives, don't waste time trying to solve little problems with your first choice right from the start.

So I moved on to the Hugo website - and here we are.

This will be a slow journey of learning how to use this in the most practical way while starting to write more regularly. Should be fun!